NWISA 2015-2016 Schedule

Date Day Event League Venue Boats NOR / SI Reg Forms Results
9/5-6/2015 Sat-Sun NWISA Singlehanded Districts - Lasers NWISA (Ch) The Gorge Lasers Reg R
9/5-6/2015 Sat-Sun NWISA Singlehanded Districts - Radials NWISA (Ch) The Gorge Radials Reg R
10/10-10/2015 Sat-Tue Cascadia Cup NWISA (Q) Sail Sand Point FJs NOR Reg R
10/17-18/2015 Sat-Sun Larry White Regatta ISSA Invitational ISSA (O) New London, CT- CGA CFJ/C420 R R
10/17-18/2015 Sat-Sun PCISA Girls ISSA Invitational ISSA (O) San Diego YC, CA CFJ NOR Reg R R
10/17-18/2015 Sat-Wed NWISA Keelboat Championships NWISA (Ch) Bellingham Bay Etchells R
10/24-25/2015 Sat-Sun Orcas Trick or Treat Team Race NWISA (O) West Sound FJs Reg R
10/30/2015 Fri ISSA Annual Meeting ISSA ODU
10/30-1/2015 Fri-Sun Cressy Trophy ISSA Singlehanded Nationals - Full ISSA (Ch) ODU, Norfolk, VA Laser NOR Reg R
10/30-1/2015 Fri-Sun Cressy Trophy ISSA Singlehanded Nationals - Radial ISSA (Ch) ODU, Norfolk, VA Radial NOR Reg R
11/7/2015 Sat Race in the Gig (RIG) NWISA (O) Gig Harbor, WA FJs Reg R
11/7-8/2015 Sat-Sun SAISA Intersectional SAISA (O) College of Charleston NOR Reg R
11/21-22/2015 Sat-Sun High School Keelboat Regatta ISSA Invitational ISSA (Ch) St. Petersburg Yacht Club, FL Sonar NOR Reg R
1/23/2016 Sat TSF Coaches Clinic NWISA (O) Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Center
3/5/2016 Sat North Regionals NWISA (O) Oak Harbor FJs NOR Reg R
3/5/2016 Sat South Regionals NWISA (O) Silverdale FJs NOR Reg R
3/12/2016 Sat Oregon Regatta #1 NWISA (O) Hood River 420s
3/12-13/2016 Sat-Sun Combined Division Gold NWISA (O) Sail Sand Point FJs Reg R
3/12-13/2016 Sat-Sun Combined Division Silver NWISA Sail Sand Point FJs R
3/19-20/2016 Sat-Sun Olympia, it’s the water, Regatta NWISA (Q) Budd Inlet FJs Reg R
3/26/2016 Sat Orcas Regional NWISA (O) Orcas Island FJs Reg R
4/2/2016 Sat SYC Open NWISA (O) Portage Bay V15s Reg R
4/9/2016 Sat Bainbridge Team Race NWISA (O) Bainbridge Island FJs Reg R
4/9/2016 Sat Oregon Regatta #2 NWISA (O) Newport, OR FJs
4/16-17/2016 Sat-Sun Islands Cup NWISA (Q) Orcas Island FJs
4/23/2016 Sat Doublehanded Fleet Districts NWISA (Ch) Bellingham FJs
4/30-1/2016 Sat-Sun SSP Team Race NWISA (O) Sail Sand Point FJs
5/13-15/2016 Fri-Sun Mallory Trophy ISSA Fleet Race Championship ISSA (Ch) Charleston, SC C420 NOR R R
5/14/2016 Sat Oregon Regatta #3 - Oregon State Champs NWISA (O) Cascade Locks FJs
5/14/2016 Sat Port Townsend Open NWISA (O) Port Townsend FJs Reg
5/21-22/2016 Sat-Sun Team Race Districts NWISA (Ch) Anacortes FJs
5/27-29/2016 Fri-Sun Baker Trophy ISSA Team Race Championship ISSA (Ch) Anacortes, WA CFJ NOR Reg
5/28-29/2016 Sat-Sun National Invitational Team Race Regatta (NIT)  must qualify from MISSA Baker Q ISSA (O) Wayzata Community Sailing Center R R